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Engagement Photoshoot at BGC

January 27, 2015

Hello everyone! This update has been long overdue. Remember on my facebook I announced that Justin and I will be having our Engagement Photoshoot over at Bonifacio Global City (BGC)? And so we did. We got up so early at around 4 am to prepare for this awesome day. We wanted to catch the golden hours between 6-8am so the light will hit us on all flattering directions. haha And also we wanted to catch the city in a state of solitude while we can freely pose and goof around the restaurants outside. It was easier that way because there are no managers to scold at us.

Here's another candid shot with my angels :D  Do you see how we are so ALONE in this city? walang mananaway!
 It's so important to have at least 2 of your friends to accompany you during the photoshoot. By doing so, you will have more than 2 pairs of eyes to check the smallest of the details like your hair in the mouth, lipstick on the teeth, an unzipped pair of pants and more.

The captivating view of the city

Justin being so cheesy during our shoot
One great tip to make each shot more authentic and genuine is to whisper cheesy stuff on your partner and flirt with your eyes.

Having our Engagement Photoshoot at BGC was awesome. It is one of the few places where cameras are truly welcome.. Oh! in case you are wondering, it didn't cost us anything for the photoshoot because the city implements a "camera-friendly" rule as long as you don't bring with you bulky lights and reflectors. A good set of camera and lenses are allowed. Add up to that, some of the guards are friendly and very accommodating too.

(Edited photos will be posted realllllll soooonnnn.....)

Have you tried shooting pictures at BGC? How was your experience? Let me know below...

Til next time,


January 19, 2015

It's been quite awhile since I started this blog and you guys' support is what keeps me going. In this post I need your help to make this blog OFFICIAL!!!

I got an email yesterday from the NUffNang people saying that there is a contest and an open giveaway goin' on!!!

I can win my very own blog domain and web hosting for a year! I repeat A YEAR!
I'm so stoked about it and decided to immediately blog my entry ^_^

This may sound a lil cheesy but I'm so eager to have this for you readers.. Everytime you click on this link or type my name and be led on this blog, my heart gets this sudden rush of emotion. You fire up my passion. With every comment you leave in my comment box below, it transforms my day into something magical.

With each click or visit I want you to experience high quality entertainment  in my write ups and videos and also a great deal of that experience will be affected by the design of my blog. Although I would admit that I badly want this too, but I am far more honest when I say I want this more for you too.

To the NuffNang people who are reading this, if you pick me... it's not only my WISH YOU WILL BE GRANTING but also you will make each of my awesome reader happy.

To my awesome readers, COMMENT below telling me why you think I deserve this.

Thanks for stopping by!

Til next time,

* I don't want to keep this info for myself. If you have  a blog and want to win this giveaway do check out this link

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