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RANDOM: Chores

September 13, 2012
scrubbing dirty tile grouts in our bathroom 

Now it's time to do the bathroom floor

making sure everything is squeaky clean 

More dishes

lather rinse repeat as needed

RANDOM: Long Drive

September 7, 2012
Rarely will I be seen with a decent picture :D Almost always, I would squint,have my tougue out, make silly faces and more.

I spent the entire day with my brother at work. He's a medical representative, just so you know. :P So armed with crackers and nuts at the backseat. Mom , Jen (kuya's gf) and I went on a very long drive.

It was really fun and it took my mind off of my daily worries. We did a lot of jokes and told stories. It was really an amazing experience.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

I finally convinced them to take pictures behind that monster truck!

Mom is doing that silly smile again. She's behind that glass window.

Jen wanted us to make a "GRADE 2 POSE"

Some of the restaurant people stared like crazy coz picture taking was nonstop

I jumped because of so much joy! (nah! this is mainly because, we'll have steak for lunch)

Store: New Arrival on Sept 12 2012

September 6, 2012

Finally! The store will be up and running and very much ready to SHIP your orders! yey!


September 5, 2012
A quick snap shot before I hit the steam room

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a birthday celebration of my previous co-worker. The event was held at Zense of Joy in Quezon City. The place was so cool because the entire building was the whole spa. :D ( I guess that surprised me a bit) On the ground floor was their cafe and the parking space was also their car wash spot.(I'm so sorry I wasn't able to take pictures because it felt awkward)

This entry will be  a review of my experience at the spa.

1st: They will give you a set of keys to a locker. This is to put your stuff in for safe keeping.Inside the locker were spa garments that you have to change into.

2nd: You will have to take a shower since they discourage getting wet after a massage.

3rd: This one is optional. You can either go into the steam room and have yourself a bit suffocated :D no! just kidding.. You might want to do this to loosen up your muscles making them more responsive to the masseuse's strokes.

4th: You get to sit back, lay down on your back or face and just enjoy whatever treats they have for your tired achy muscles

And boy! I tell yah! The massage was incredible. This is the best one I had so far. :D And the coolest thing about their service was the free food afterwards.

They also offered me  free snack and coffee.

Just waiting for the masseuse 

I look like a freakin' ghost here

Foot and leg massage


Make Up: Think Beautiful

September 4, 2012
HMU Gig for LDS Photographers Guild

Try to imagine a girl, a debutante, a bride at her most beautiful - then make it happen. This has always been my mantra when it comes to my passion as a hair and makeup artist.

Pulling together a whole spectrum of looks to inspire women of all ages.

Danel and Liza's Wedding

Danel and Liza's Pre-nup Photo
Model: Winnie       Dress: The Closet Diet

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