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Leaders Step Solution Sheet Masks

June 2, 2016

Hello there! I have been obsessing over Leaders Solutions Sheet Mask lately. After knowing it's one of Korea's top skincare brands, I was hooked! Luckily enough, they sent me a gift bag to test out and share with you guys!!!

Here are some of my top favorites! I call them my rainbow masks!!! ^_^

These masks are available at Watsons  or you can directly visit their FB page to know more about them! 

Tell me in the comments your thoughts on these. Til next time!!!! Muah!!

Dohtonbori Experience!

Hello friends! Justin and I were supposed to be filming a makeup tutorial at the MRT, but it failed miserably. The guards didn't allow us so we ended up filming this food review instead.

With my broken heart and empty stomach, I found myself craving Japanese food! Luckily I discovered this amazing place! Watch the video below to see what went on during our visit. 

The place was screaming JAPANESE!!! The atmosphere inside felt authentic. The crew were all smiles every time a customer comes in. Although spending 360 for an Okonomiyaki (Japanese Omelet) might be a lil expensive for me, It was worth it because of the fun dining experience. 

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