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My Filming Setup

September 18, 2015

I get alot of compliments lately telling me how you guys love my filming setup. So I thought maybe I can do a video and show you guys what happens behind the scenes of my Youtube Videos.

In case you are curious on the equipment I use:
Camera: Canon 600D (21k Php, Robinson's Pioneer)
Lens: Canon 50mm f1.8 (3500Php, OLX)
Camera Mic (2800Php, Photo Line  Victory Mall)
Reflector (500Php, Photo Line Victory Mall)
LED Light, Attachment, Tripod (5000Php, Photo Line Victory Mall)
Lenovo G40 70 (35K When I got it last year sa SM)

Vlogging Camera (I use this as mic to my voice overs too )
- Canon S95 (6k Php at OLX)

Editing Software:
Windows Movie Maker for Vista

Dip Dye Hair

Hello loves! It's been awhile since I last posted! Well... Here's a lil updated about me. I dip dyed my hair purple! Cray! I know! But not really 'coz it's just the ends. You wanna see how I did it? Why not watch the video above. And if you have comments and questions, feel free to contact me.

Products Mentioned:

Manic Panic in Electric Amethyst:

HBC Bleach Powder ( I used 2 Sachets for my hair)

HBC 12% Developing Lotion

*** Mix equal parts of the bleach powder and the developer until you get a frothy paste.

I feel like I might do more crazy colors soon! That's all for today! 

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