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Project Green Juice

October 1, 2013

In my journey to good health, I thought I would make me a very special and healthy green juice. Do you guys have easy recipe for green juice?

Week in Photos

September 27, 2013
Entrepreneur is my must read for this week.

A refreshing cucumber juice to keep my skin supple and hydrated

I need  more Halloween ideas Review

September 26, 2013

I have been so stressed with my day job lately. The amount of paper work and forms are so ridiculous that I just want to burn the office down. (Boss! if you're reading this, please know I'm kidding ... *wink)I know that the only way for me to relax is to have a beauty appointment.

So here goes another review on my most favorite site. (Video review will be uploaded soon)

Among all the "discount websites" I know, MetroDeal  is my highly recommended of all. The site is really user -friendly and shopping steps are way too easy. You get to avail of 75-almost 98% discount on spa products, treatments and more. The only down side to this is that they only cater to mostly Manila clients. The spas, salons, restaurants are almost always in manila.

Interested? Here’s what you need to know.

The easiest way to create an account is to LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK

You have to have an email address to set up an account or just use you FACEBOOK
You have to have a credit card or at least barrow your mom’s credit card
You have to print out the vouchers

Before Buying any vouchers, you should:
·         Know the address, location or landmark of the establishment
·         Call their contact numbers for early reservations ( Don’t tell the receptionist that you haven’t bought a voucher yet. Nobody wants to  know that the next available schedule is 3 weeks from the date of purchase.)
·         Take note of their clinic hours
·         Ask for Maximum number of shots for each voucher (For Laser Treatments)
·         Ask for  the number  of vouchers needed for specific areas (e.g. legs, arms, etc)
·         Number of customers that can use the voucher
·         Check google for other reviews on the establishment

First Impression : Contact Lenses

September 22, 2013

All About Weddings

I am Back

September 15, 2013
Almost done filming 3 videos for youtube

I'm back and this time it is for good. I have been weighing things over, thinking whether I should take blogging and vlogging seriously. It then came to a marvelous "aha" moment. I MUST DO THIS.

There is something about it that makes it so liberating. Filming, taking photos or just plainly typing down my crippled thoughts in this blog give me that sense of freedom.
So without further ado, let me please make it official the second time around. I'm inviting you to take this giddy hypnotic journey with me. Okay now... I believe this is the part where you take my hand and on 3 we do the hopscotch down to my next blog entry. ( Sorry. The silly me can't help but feel uber excited.)

Thank you for wasting 3 minutes of your time in reading this or watching my new video. YOU guys mean the world to me.

The Best ACNE Remedy

May 9, 2013

Because of the extremely muggy weather , I noticed that I started to have some breakouts down my back (so gross!). The situation became worse and worse as the days went by. Good thing my friend Ronna introduced me to this really cool trick of combining an antibiotic to a cleanser/toner. So out of my desperation, I googled more about it and found that this at home remedy for backne/ ance really works. 

I also came across this blog post from .

A few info to consider:

- Dalacin C (Php85) / Clindamycin Generic Name  (Php 35)  is an OTC (over the counter) antibiotic.
- Product Ratio for a 300mg capsule is a 225ml Eskinol Toner. You can also get the lower dosage and the smallest bottle of Eskinol.
- The solution can be used during your morning and night skin care regimen.
- Use for 30 days straight and have a one month rest period in between. This is to prevent the pimple bacteria from developing immunization from the antibiotic.

* I will try to recommend this solution to a friend who is suffering from facial acne.  Her pictures will be posted in this article soon.

Here's a video on how I made my Eskinol + Dalacin C/ Clindamycin.

Sally Hansen Hair Bleach Creme

February 8, 2013

Before bleaching

Rebonding at Home

January 25, 2013

All about NAILS

Kathrin Bernardo Makeup Look

Michelle Phan is the perfect epitome that dreams do come true. She's the main reason why I started my youtube channel.

Anne Curtis Makeup Look

Yes! I have got to admit that I'm a big fan of Anne Curtis.

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