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Caronia Nail Polishes

August 27, 2014

Hey Ladies! Welcome back to my blog! Oh I know what you're thinking... This is now starting to sound like a youtube video.. hahaha

Anyways... I was LUCKY enough to try out  Caronia Nail Polishes and here are some of their sexy shades.

Celebrate life's special moments with color, grandeur and sparkling nails! Last July, Caronia Nail Polish releases their latest collaboration with Ballet Philippines, the Blue Moon Collection. This set of colors are sure to make remarkable occasions even more glamorous.

Blue Moon” features three bold colors: Bourrée, a metallic brown shade that reminds us of sweet chestnuts during Christmas; Avant, a frosted emerald green shade that perfectly sets our mood for the season; and Chassé, a regular polish with a royal blue shade that sets the elegance of ballet on your nails.

This collection is also Caronia's second Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP Free formulation and is available at leading supermarkets, department stores and health and beauty stores nationwide.

Remember, life is too short for plain nails. Get them glitzy for unexpected and thrilling moments that happen once in a blue moon.

WOAH! Let's paint our nails for a good cause!

Let me know below if you have tried these colors before ^_^


CARONIA NAIL POLISH “Blue Moon Collection” Press Release, July 2014

The SampleRoom PH Experience

Hello Loves! How have you been lately? Feeling tired and sleepy? Me too... ugh.. These days I have been feeling stressed out due to a humongous amount of work during my busy days. When things start to feel routinary and whenever I feel like this.. the best way to relieve that stress is ONLINE SHOPPING!!! Yehey!

Today! I will let you in on a wonderful experience of trying out products and services before buying them! We Pinays go crazy over the new trends and products that are out in the market. The down side is we are most likely ,if not always,  skeptical in trying them out.

Sample Room is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes your beauty-shopping pattern; and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued.

 It's very user friendly and FAST. You order today, you get it the next day.

The payment options are very easy and convenient. Although I would always ALWAYS remind you girls to be careful with your credit card information, but this site is safe and reliable.

Have you tried shopping at Sample Room? Please let me know down below ^_^

Get Healthy Hair in 7 Days! (GIVEAWAY) #MPD7DayChallenge

August 25, 2014

Hi Loves! Check this out!

You probably know the amount of damage I inflicted on my hair for the sake of beauty. And definitely it has taken its toll on my locks. huhuhuhu

In this video I tag everyone to try the Monea Power Dose 7 Day Challenge!

I will be giving away a full size bottle to a lucky subby who'll try the #MPD7DayChallenge 


-Let me know about  your experience... WRITE me a comment below! ^_^ 
Let's use the hashtag: #MPD7DayChallenge

-LEAVE your IG and BLOGGER names below

For example:

"Monea Powerdose is amazing! #MPD7DayChallenge @krislumagui kris lumagui




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Basic Makeup Workshop!

For all you makeup junkies out there! Yes you! If you guys are interested to attend this workshop, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW to get a discount ^_^ SLOTS are still Open! ^_^ I will CHOOSE the best comment ^_^

AVON : Bra Review

August 22, 2014

Hello Loves! Thanks for dropping by. In today's post , I would like to share with you something really awesome.

Oh well.. I have got to admit that I'm one of the girls who happen to have those small Asian twins. My girls aren't the sexiest but this amazing product somehow gives them that perky full look.

There is small pocket thingy inside to hold those push up cookies

The intricate lace detail infront creates an illusion of fuller looking chest. The bow at the center also makes the entire look of the bra amazing.

The bra also comes with this instruction guide 
Before I leave you drooling over this sexy piece of awesomeness, let me tell you that no matter how big or small your chest is... choosing the right size and style of bra makes a whole lot of difference. It can either break you or make you.

Do you own any Avon bras? Let me know down below.

Naturactor Review

August 21, 2014

Hello girlfriends! Thanks again for stopping by! If you are addicted to instagram shopping just like me, you wouldn't miss out Lovely Victoria's Makeup Shop.

I bet you are wondering, how in the world can you shop online for the right shade of makeup? Well it takes a few links and pictures from my social media for them to choose the right shade for my skin tone. That right there my friends is Customer Service! They will actually choose for you so you get the perfect shade that will smoothly blend to your skin. (More than the product itself, I am very big on customer service)

These are the 2 shades they recommended

They also suggested me to get the pressed powder packed with Natural Herbal Essences

Price Wise: They sell this for 450 Php Each

I know! you probably think it's pricey, but for its performance it's all worth it!

Customer Service: Excellent! The people behind the store are very quick to answer customer inquiry!

Product Performance: It is absolutely creamy and blendable. It doesn't sink in to my fine lines and wrinkles especially underneath my eyes.  The product is totaly scent free making it very suitable for sensitive skin. The green concealer works best to hide all the red patches on my face (around the nose, my acne marks, etc)

It is long wear and it doesn't give you a cakey feel even if it gets effin' humid and hot all through out the day.

Bottom Line: Now friends! I will definitely repurchase this product! It's quite rare to see concealers that will work best for this kind of weather but this one does.

Have you tried Naturactor Concealers before? Please let me know down the comment section bellow! ^_^

MaryKay Products Review + Giveaway

August 18, 2014

Hey Loves! Great that you are back on my blog!  I want to share with you these wonderful makeup products from

 I am absolutely obsessed with this blush that has this micro gold flakes. The finish leaves me with iridescent glow making my skin looking fantastic on video and photo

This lipstick has a satin to nearly glossy finish on my lips making them look plump and healthy.

Last but definitely not the least, their foundation and concealer and a combo to reckoned with. The foundation's finish is matte and the longevity is phenomenal. Their concealer on the other hand, with a little amount goes a long way.

To see a demo on how I use these products please see the video below.

I have been practicing my Korean makeup skills lately and I'm telling you! oh!  I'm so inlove with their makeup techniques. This tutorial focuses more on darker neutral colors at the bottom lashes...

Product List:

Pumpkin Sleeping Mask: May Box from
MaryKay Blush:
ELF Highlighter

FS Eyeshadow in Cinnamon Mousse
FS Eyeshadow in Mulberry Wine




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OPEN UNTIL: Aug 22, 2014

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Review + GIVEAWAY

August 12, 2014

Hey lovely ladies! These came in the mail a few weeks ago. I'm just so happy to work with Organix Philippines to give a full honest review on their hair products.

I have been doing a lot of torture to my hair. I bleached it, ombred it, dyed it, and rebonded it and I constantly using hot tools to style it. The results are really damaging my hair .. BIG TIME! So I'm in a long pursuit of finding the right hair care products for my damaged hair.. and then I discovered this product. I was a little hesitant at first because it's way too expensive for my standard of hair care products. But then I thought, shampoo and conditioner are the basics of hair care.

Although it doesn't give me soft lustrous fluffy, it made my hair so easy to style coz it holds the curl and I use less styling products because of it. It adds texture to my hair giving it a beachy hair texture. 

The smell reminds me of a plane trip to Hawaii. The coconut scent mixed with a hint of vanilla leaves my hair smelling yummy. 

Have you tried the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy System? Please let me know down below.

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OPEN UNTIL: Sept 22, 2014




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Straight Hair Essentials: Monea Products! + GIVEAWAY

August 8, 2014

If you have been following me for awhile now, you know how much I love this product! It gives you naturally straight hair without looking dull and stiff. It tames out the frizz and makes your hair 10x more brilliant and shiny.

THIS IS FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. But if you think you can do this at home, you'll try it at your own risk.

 Please see video below on how I use the rebonding system:

Since I get a lot of questions about this video, see another video below for all the FAQ's

Frequently asked Question about Rebonding at Home:

This product is amazingly beautiful for your hair! It brings back lost moisture and it repairs damaged hair. It is perfect for chemically treated hair as well. If you constantly use hot tools, this product will also make a huge difference.

The smell is fantastic. It is slightly floral with a hint of baby powder.

It leaves your hair bouncy and shiny.







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GIVEAWAY ENDS ON: Sept. 9 2014

Get Polished! Experience

August 3, 2014

I love how cozy the place is...

Hello Loves! Today I take you with me in One Archer's Place Manila to try out Gel Nails! I know! It's been the "in" thing for so long and it's just now that I am trying it out. I guess I have been living under a rock.
And which nail salon is the best to have it done? where else but Get Polished!

See how fancy this is.... The LED lights are hardening the gel polished applied.

I chose to have an accent nail, which is my ring finger. I want to have at least one of my fingers to sparkle.

And you will never get bored because the nail staff are so nice and there are gazillions of magazines all over the spa.

My hobbit-like foot is being pampered by their oh so relaxing foot spa.

Tadah! there it is! Now it looks more human like.

Please Click the Link to see more:

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