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Wellness Wednesday: 5 Minute Abs

September 30, 2014

Oh that dreaded muffin top! I bet I'm not the only one pinching her tummy now.. huhuhu  Yes! I love me my cup of Asian rice. That I have got to admit. But let's face it, we all desire that Victoria Secret Angel body.

So here goes a quick workout to jump start your wednesday. 

Did you take on the challenge? Let me know how it was with you ^_^ hahaha

KStyle Makeup Class at KCC Part 1

September 28, 2014

Hello wonderful friends! Welcome back to my blog! Thank you for spending time reading my posts... It really makes me happy. 

Anyhoo... Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to teach a Makeup Class at the Korean Cultural Center (KCC). The task given to my by Ms. Noemi, the CEO of Missha, is to teach 20 students. We spent almost 3 hours testing out Missha products and talking about Korean makeup techniques.

Everyone was excited when we handed their loot bags. They immediately went through each product, asking questions on how to use and apply each one.

The workshop started with everyone BARE FACE or for my case ZOMBIE FACE. I purposely did this so we can all see the powerful transformation of makeup application.

It was a fun day with these girls. I'm glad to share my talent to them. 

There will be more posts and vlogs about this event so please stay tuned! <3

BDJ Beauty Social : Camp Gorgeous

September 16, 2014
Karen Bordador Hosted the Event

Hello Bellas! Oh I mean hey girlfriend! Yes you.. thanks for stopping by. ^_^ Last Sunday I was given the chance to attend the BDJ Social Beauty: Camp Gorgeous.  The event was held at the SM Sky Dome.

Nicole Andesson during the 
I sat starstrucked on my chair as I watch my girl crush Nicole Andersson talk about her 5 minute makeup routine and her easy hair style tricks!

And Oh! Can I just say how flawless she is! Her skin is like to DIE FOR... sobrang kinis! I wonder what her skin care is... hmmmm..

See how many Bellas are intently listening to her.. ooh! everyone is so serious!

I was the first choice!

At the end of her talk, she was tasked to choose 5 lucky girls who she thinks has the "hair to outfit" glam and I was lucky enough to be her first choice. Thanks to my pa-BIBO moment during the question and answer segment.

And I was strucked dumb and my knees got all weak when she started complimenting my outfit! The photo above shows her  telling me how my short hair pulls off the bright ensemble I was wearing that day!

And because of the pa-BIBO moment I won this awesome gift box from Sunsilk! YEHEY! and don't go jelly jelly.. I WILL GIVE THIS AWAY SOON  ^_^

Here's what's inside the box

My Sunsilk Gift Box together with the BDJ Loot Bag

Were you at the same event? Please tell me about your experience below! Til next time! ^_^

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