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May 22, 2014

Woah! I only payed Php 580 for all these goodies and I feel that that was quite a STEAL!

What's inside the box:

1. A small box of Organix Hair Care Set (Sanchet)
2.  2 Dermal Sheet Masks
3. Full Size Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Mask
4. Godiva Lico White Lotion
5. Godiva Lico White Anti-perspirant
6. 2 Revlon Color Stay Nail Polishes
    *Bare Bones
7. Avon Free Bra Voucher
8. I Do Nails Free Php 300 Add ons for every Mani or Pedi
9. Php 100 off on all Bifesta Cleansing Lotion
10. Php 50 off on Lucido-L Variants
11. PAC Free Make Over worth Php1500

I was a little skeptical at first regarding beauty box subscriptions. This is mainly because of some security reasons regarding my credit card information. After much research, I came to a conclusion that among all the beauty box subscriptions here in the Philippines, BDJ is the MOST USER FRIENDLY.  So I opted to give it a try and purchased a box. I purchased my BDJ box last March 2014 using a paypal account. After 6 weeks or so, I got my package delivered on the 2nd week of May.

To order:

Thank you so much BDJ for all the wonderful stuff inside! I'm open for product reviews feel free to contact me..hehe





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Disclaimer:  Everything mentioned in this video and in this blog are my honest opinion. I'm not sponsored or payed to do this review.

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Rebonding At Home is now UPDATED

May 19, 2014
 Hi reader! if you haven't heard... I MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS! and my most popular video is that K-popish makeup look for HOW TO REBOND HAIR AT HOME video. A year later and after tons of comments and questions, I posted another videos answering your FAQ's. Please watch the videos below and show some love my hitting the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON on your youtube account .^_^

Summer Lovin' 2014

I'm so sorry you guys... I haven't been updating this blog for quite sometime now. This is a serious case of katamaran.. hahaha.. but I just want to take this time to thank you! yes you! for wasting your time here so as to just read the stuff that I write. And as a reward here is a video of my trip to the Summer Capital of the Phil, BAGUIO. Enjoy!

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