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Hello there! Thanks for clicking on this page. Let me give you a proper introduction of who I am. (clearing throat)
I'm Kris Lumagui - Botor ( I recently got married ^^)  I created this blog to document all my beauty/fashion/fitness escapades.  You will notice that sometimes my articulated thoughts go all over the place. Well I am gonna have to say that that will be a common thing here..hehe

I like to talk about random stuff that you guys might be interested in. I love responding to your comments too so feel free to leave me some. In case you enjoy my posts, let your friends know about it too by sharing them on your social media (shameless plugging! haha! but seriously, it would mean a whole lot if you do so!) 

Because I think I haven't outgrown my "self-proclaimed" childhood ADHD, I decided to use it and made it as a side job and termed myself as "Kris Lumagui - The All Around Host"

I also enjoy beautifying myself and most especially other people. (Oh! that look on their faces after a make over is priceless ) 

I do bridal makeup and if you are interested, here goes another shameless plug.. tentenen! Contact me here : 09175113186 or mail me here:

And if you are a company, a brand, a fellow blogger/youtuber or you just want to be featured in my blog, don't hesitate to shoot me an email!
 I would love to work with you.

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