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The Best ACNE Remedy

May 9, 2013

Because of the extremely muggy weather , I noticed that I started to have some breakouts down my back (so gross!). The situation became worse and worse as the days went by. Good thing my friend Ronna introduced me to this really cool trick of combining an antibiotic to a cleanser/toner. So out of my desperation, I googled more about it and found that this at home remedy for backne/ ance really works. 

I also came across this blog post from .

A few info to consider:

- Dalacin C (Php85) / Clindamycin Generic Name  (Php 35)  is an OTC (over the counter) antibiotic.
- Product Ratio for a 300mg capsule is a 225ml Eskinol Toner. You can also get the lower dosage and the smallest bottle of Eskinol.
- The solution can be used during your morning and night skin care regimen.
- Use for 30 days straight and have a one month rest period in between. This is to prevent the pimple bacteria from developing immunization from the antibiotic.

* I will try to recommend this solution to a friend who is suffering from facial acne.  Her pictures will be posted in this article soon.

Here's a video on how I made my Eskinol + Dalacin C/ Clindamycin.

3 comments on "The Best ACNE Remedy"
  1. Thanx for this mam kris.. i will try it soon for sure.. Godbless..

  2. Hi Kris. I didnt know you mentioned me in a blog post. thanks! <3 I tried to write you an email but you didn't response. Have you seen your featured video on my channel? I hope you did. Write on my blog if you will respond as I wont be able to read your comment here unless I go back ( you know there are no notifications here. lol) xo Kristine

  3. hi kris. i would like to ask if it is okey that i will be using the color blue eskinol ? thanks you ..


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