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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Shoot

December 1, 2014

This coming Saturday, Justin and I are gonna have our engagement shoot at BGC. You know what that means? I get to dress up and have fun!!!

I decided to write this post as a way for me to document my preparations and also share with you some tips that can help you on your own engagement shoot.

1. Choose the THEME of our Engagement Shoot. Justin and I wants something really CUTE, QUIRKY, and FUN. And as I do my google research I found out that the best theme for us is to go with a "Korean" inspired shoot. Here is a facebook link to what I am talking about

They have amazing photos that can helped me plan and prepare for our photoshoot. I also suggest to take screen shots or save some of their photos as inspiration for your photographers and videographers.

* I do not own the pictures. Credits to

2. Choose our Outfit. Now that you have chosen your theme, it's now time to lay out your outfit ideas. Here's a video that can help you plan what you will wear on your photoshoot.

3. Practice Posing with your Man. In this era of the "selfie", you probably already know your best angles. But please have in mind that in this photoshoot you are gonna be working with a partner. You may know how to pose but the fiance might have zero knowledge on his best features. So plan an afternoon where you can go to a room where there are mirrors (I suggest dressing rooms in the mall), and try some of the poses you screenshotted and practice. This will save you so much time during your engagement shoot if you know how to work your body and to work with your partner. For more tips, check out the videos below.

* I do not own the videos. Credits to Jana WIlliams of

I will be posting a more in depth blog entry about my own Pre-Nup shoot. Please leave suggestions and comments below. 

'Til next time.... Lav yah!

2 comments on "How to Prepare for Your Engagement Shoot"
  1. Congratulations on the engagement! Looking forward to that in depth blog post, not planning for my wedding yet but a girl's gotta be prepared LOL


    1. thanks for reading my post..:) there will be more vlogs definitely.. make sure you watch my youtube channel too..:P


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