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Kilay Tutorial

July 6, 2015

Hello Friends! They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul. But no one will see through your soul if bushy unkempt eyebrows block the view. Why don't we try to frame them, shall we?
 Check out this post because this will certainly give you a whole new appreciation for your eyebrows. Having said that, this tutorial will help you get that well defined brows in under 2 minutes! Don't believe me? Then let's start!

See the difference? Right Side is well groomed while the left is just pure brow hair.

Step 1: Begin with your natural brows plucked or shaved.

Step 2: Determine how long and pointy you want your eyebrows to be and start drawing that using Nichido Brow Pencil in Chestnut. Tip: Work with a freshly sharpened pencil.

Step 3: Draw 2 parallel lines that follows the hair line of your natural brows. This will be your outline for the shape that you want.

See how the parallel lines tapered as it reached the tail of the brows?
Step 4: Take your Shawill 3 Shade Eyebrow Kit and start with the darkest shade for the tail, medium brown for the center and ash brown for the beginning of the brows.

Tip: When you reach the beginning of the brows, brush up to give it a more natural blurry look.
Step 5: Let's fix all the boo boos with my fave concealer, LA Girl Pro Concealer in Pure Beige. I like this because it has a built in brush which make life more convenient.

And this is the final look! Yey! Perfect brows in 2 minutes! ( It takes practice but once you get the hang of it, you can do this in even less than a minute)

Here's a more in depth video tutorial:

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Til next time ^_^
4 comments on "Kilay Tutorial"
  1. I have always been insecure with my eyebrows because they're very sparse.. I almost have half brows. D: Do you groom your brows yourself?


    1. Hello dear! thanks for reading my post.. yup I do groom my own brows... i used to have thick unibrow ...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I really love your eyebrow :) By the way, how much is the Shawill 3 Shades Eye Brow Kit? Thanks!


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