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September 5, 2012
A quick snap shot before I hit the steam room

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a birthday celebration of my previous co-worker. The event was held at Zense of Joy in Quezon City. The place was so cool because the entire building was the whole spa. :D ( I guess that surprised me a bit) On the ground floor was their cafe and the parking space was also their car wash spot.(I'm so sorry I wasn't able to take pictures because it felt awkward)

This entry will be  a review of my experience at the spa.

1st: They will give you a set of keys to a locker. This is to put your stuff in for safe keeping.Inside the locker were spa garments that you have to change into.

2nd: You will have to take a shower since they discourage getting wet after a massage.

3rd: This one is optional. You can either go into the steam room and have yourself a bit suffocated :D no! just kidding.. You might want to do this to loosen up your muscles making them more responsive to the masseuse's strokes.

4th: You get to sit back, lay down on your back or face and just enjoy whatever treats they have for your tired achy muscles

And boy! I tell yah! The massage was incredible. This is the best one I had so far. :D And the coolest thing about their service was the free food afterwards.

They also offered me  free snack and coffee.

Just waiting for the masseuse 

I look like a freakin' ghost here

Foot and leg massage


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