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RANDOM: Long Drive

September 7, 2012
Rarely will I be seen with a decent picture :D Almost always, I would squint,have my tougue out, make silly faces and more.

I spent the entire day with my brother at work. He's a medical representative, just so you know. :P So armed with crackers and nuts at the backseat. Mom , Jen (kuya's gf) and I went on a very long drive.

It was really fun and it took my mind off of my daily worries. We did a lot of jokes and told stories. It was really an amazing experience.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

I finally convinced them to take pictures behind that monster truck!

Mom is doing that silly smile again. She's behind that glass window.

Jen wanted us to make a "GRADE 2 POSE"

Some of the restaurant people stared like crazy coz picture taking was nonstop

I jumped because of so much joy! (nah! this is mainly because, we'll have steak for lunch)

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