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Lay Bare Bloggers' Event

November 11, 2014

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be part of Lay Bare's First Bloggers' Event. It was a jammed packed day filled with fun exciting activities.

Lay Bare is the first ever unwanted hair removal specialist in the Philippines. They provide eyebrow threading and body waxing services using cold sugar wax only. No more strips! No more hot wax! Just plain, comfortable, hair removal at a price you can definitely afford.. ( )

For a newbie like me, finding the best waxing salon will make such a wonderful first time experience.

Just take a look at the brand partners??? I was like WHOOOAAAA!! SO Cool! Honestly, other than the waxing thing... I'm kinda looking forward to the all women's work out.. hihihi I badly need it 'coz I have been eating crappy weeks before this event...

As you enter Curves, This is how it looks like. I love how it's not intimidating and how it's so inviting.

After our intense 30 minute workout, we were told that we are now ready to head over Fisher Mall for the launching of their Newest Branch there.

Before entering Lay Bare, a huge buffet of sweets will just bring out the inner 'lil girl in you.. Just take a look at how rainbows and unicorns landed on this dessert table?!  FANCY!!!!

It was so beautiful that you wouldn't want to take a small bite... ( I wouldn't want to destroy that yummy piece of art )

After a few welcome remarks from their Marketing Director, Ms. Jaime, I too the challenge of going bare and having that dreaded Brazilian Wax. Waaaaahhhh!!!

I like how the tools or products are neatly laid out on the table. At first, I thought that having Mrs. Smith ( I will refer to my vagaegae as such) waxed would be like a trip to the OBGYNE... where you like lay on a contraption and raise both legs and be forced to endure a hell kinda pain. But here, it wasn't like that! they just bring in simple products and tools such as a damp warm cloth and the sugar that they will use for your waxing session. It's so hygenic because I don't see any sticks. I don't like waxing sticks.. they kinda give me that " Imma stab you NOW" feeling.

In ever room, there are these reminder for each client. It's very educating especially for someone like me.  Seriously, up until this point I didn't now the level of pain I will be going through because of the Brazilian Wax challenge.

This photo was taken shortly after the session. I'm not gonna lie.. IT WAS PAINFUL>>>!!!! REALLY!!! But I guess it is pretty normal for first timers like me. I mean come on... I never had anyone slap Mrs. Smith like that. But hey! Here's what made me endure that session. The pink lady you see on the left side of the photo, made my experience as calming and zen as it could possibly be.. hahhaa.. but really, she made me laugh so hard that I forgot how painful it was. She also promised that the second session will be 90% less painful and I trust her. 

Even if there was pain, the results were like.. wooooooaaahahhh!!! This time imagine angels decending down from heaven with all there harps making music in respect for my glorious vagaegae.. haha.. She looks absolutely stunning... and of course I wouldn't take a  before and after shot???  But just trust my words that your Mrs. Smith will look brighter, fairer and smoother.

It's been weeks after my first session and the regrowth of hairs are still minimal. I'm glad  I took that challenge.. Now I can definitely say I AM BIKINI READY... WIT WOOW!

Check out the nearest Lay Bare Waxing Salons in your area. For more questions, see the link right here :

For other suppliers in that event, check this out:

Crafty Chiclet - arts and crafts supplier
Shyra Centeno
Stall 67 Dapitan Arcade, Dapitan St. cor. Kanlaon St., Quezon City
743 8511
0923 526 1776 / 0916 522 4856
Instagram: @craftychiclet

Sugar Babies Desserts Unlimited - pastries supplier
Marie Advincula
130 Katipunan Avenue,  Saint Ignatius Village, 
1110 Quezon City
0917 533 9189 / 0917 711 0741
Instagram: @sugarbabiesdesserts

See you on my next post .... MUAH!  

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