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Haul: Drug Store MAke Up

October 25, 2012

Care Line Oil Control Blush

1. Rosy Cheek       2. Starlight Shine      3. Fresh Tomato

Each costs Php 80.00. This is my most recommended Cheek product.It's not only  affordable, but it also delivers great results. This doesn't give me any breakouts. It looks flattering on the skin because it gives you that natural flush.

Elf Bronzer

Warm Tan

It's cheap and very pigmented. It gives off a subtle glimmer on your skin when applied. It costs only Php 129.00. Great for fair skin who wants to achieve a bombshell glow.

Maybeline's Powder Foundation

PINK. I got this one on sale for only Php129. This gives almost a  full coverage and registers well on film. The only thing I hate about it is the fact that it shatters after long use.

BLUE. Kuya bought this for me so I am not really sure on the price. This can be worn for daily use. This one is tighly packed compared to the pink one. I once dropped mine off of my office table and it didn't break, but it's the mirror that broke. hihi

Dr. Oil Solutions Face Primer

Ugh.. This one is a bit pricey but hey! I believe it is somewhere around Php 549.00. Sorry I can't remember.Anyway, back to the review. It delivers what it promises to do. It keeps my face looking matte to dewy for up to 5-6 hours. Believe me. I am 50% human and 50% OIL..haha..It feels second to your skin. I feel as if it penetrates to block all the excess sebum on my T zone. It has a clean smell which is very rampant to almost all Korean products. The only thing I don’t like about it though is that cream primer at the base of the tube is not that much. 

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Yep! This one is pricey too. It’s probably around Php 300 or something.  It's creamy and velvety when applied. Here's a picture. The difference can clearly be seen. It amplifies the color of your eye shadow. I once wore this to a party. After 3-4 hours of dance floor sweat, I noticed that some of my eye shadow started to crease. As for normal use, which involves less sweat like weddings or debuts, etc., it holds your eye make up for 5-6 hours

Ever Bilena and Careline Glitter Liners

I got them on sale 50% off for everything which will make them Php 60 each. It stays on well on your make up. Here's the problem. Since I have super sensitive skin, I can't put it directly on my lids. It burns. I have to put powder eye shadow first and then the glitter liner. This is such a bummer. Will I buy these again? No. I will just be using them up until I can try another product.

Careline Lip Gloss

Once again! They are the best steals in town.  Careline lip glosses are highly recommended. They are much pigmented and stay on the lips for up to 2-3 hours with no retouch. That is given the fact that you won’t be eating or drinking in between. The glosses have a very thick formula which gives me the impression that they are part gloss and part lipstick. Php 60.00 each.
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