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Tutorial: Magic Straps for Yoga Mats + Hair tool

October 25, 2012

Excited for my iYoga class, I immediately went to Trinoma to find the best yoga mat that fits my budget. It only cost me Php 479.75 .It’s thick. The color is great because you wont easily noticed if it’s dirty or not. The additional lining on the side adds to the quality of this mat. But I have one problem, it doesn’t have a bag. Ugh! So I figure this will be another tutorial.

What you need:

Yoga Mat

Magic Tape/ Velcro

Use the smooth side and cut it in half. Im using some left over magic tape so the length is uneven. Sorry! :P

Use the rough side and cut 1" width. 2 Pieces

Curtain Rings

Laptop Bag Strap

Wrap the smooth side on one end. But before sticking the rough patch , insert the curtain ring. 

Hook your laptop strap to the curtain ring. Voila!

What to do with the left over rough side?

Cut it in 2-2.5" width

Use as many as you want when putting on make up.

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