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July 14, 2014

It was my first time to try brow threading and upper lip threading and there is no better place to do it than the BROW STUDIO. Ms. Kristine (the owner) was kind enough to let me and my companion film in their branch at the 5th floor of SM the Block.

The first thing they did was to introduce me to their senior brow designer, Ms. Emy. She then, assessed my horrible brow situation and draw a draft of how my brows would look like. 

To look younger, Ms. Emy suggested that I get the straight Korean brows.


Every stroke of her hand was so calming and gentle that it made me feel relaxed. Everything was nearly perfect until she said in her soft sweet voice,"Ngayon, maiiyak ka na! kasi sa bigote na tayo!"

 She told me to make that "monkey-face" so it'll be easier for my mustache hair to be removed. It was extremely painful. I remember getting teary eyed, but after seeing the results? My gosh! My upper lip felt so smooth and it made my lips look fuller.

Beauty Tools

I was given this product to try out. I'm currently using it and a blog review will be up in about a month.

Over All Experience?    It was fantastic.  Customer service was superb. I give it ♥♥♥♥♥  ( 5 ♥'s being the highest) They promised me perfect brows and they did deliver. 


Other services include eyelash extension, eyelash perming and facial and body waxing.

Visit our branches: 
Eastwood Citywalk 2: Tel # (02) 341-3356 or 0922-8184829
SM Megamall: Tel # (02) 343-7847 or 0922-8875883
SM City Manila: Tel # (02) 384-7258
SM Lanang Davao: Tel # 0932-8839044
SM City Baguio: Tel # 0932-8834055

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5 comments on "BROW STUDIO Review"

    Note: If it's just possible to put NEGATIVE STARS on this review, I would. They DON'T even deserve a one-star rating.

    I availed their IPL package for underarm but I wasn't even able to finish the said package which is composed of 8 treatments. Why? Here's my experience:

    After my last treatment, I was able to observe some red spots but I just ignored it for awhile because this usually happens after the treatment. It's like the skin is reddish in color but it's usually a normal reaction of the skin after the IPL treatment (this also happens after waxing). However, weeks have passed and the skin's discoloration have returned to normal but the red spots turned to Brown spots. I ignored the brown spots for awhile hoping that it would eventually fade, but it didn't. IT TURNED TO DARK BROWN SPOTS. That's the time I was alarmed. Almost 4 weeks of skin recovery, I took a step and used Vitamin E. After a few days, the dark brown spots became smoother (they were very dry before) and the spots became a tad lighter (The color before resembles a dark chocolate. Yes, that's how dark it was) but it's still VERY NOTICEABLE. I've done my research and I was able to verify that those DARK BROWN SPOTS WERE BURNT MARKS FROM THE IPL TREATMENT. Ironically, The Brow Studio even told me that Vitamin E was the culprit why I have dark brown spots on my underarm (I'm a medical course graduate and I specialize in medicine so I'm very knowledgeable what actions should I take and I'm very sure that Vitamin E doesn't darken your skin, particularly armpits.)

    I tried to contact The Brow Studio and they told me to go to their branch which I did and they told me they'll just keep in touch and update me because they'll call the main office first. I waited for days but they never contacted me so I decided to go there again to check if there's an update, but I got nothing. They just told me to wait because the supervisor is not there, (I went there twice but THE SUPERVISOR IS ALWAYS "NOT THERE") they'll still contact the main office, etc.

    To make the long story short, THE BROW STUDIO DON'T CARE IF THEIR CUSTOMER HAD BURNT MARKS AND WASN'T ABLE TO FINISH THE PACKAGE FROM THEIR IPL TREATMENT SINCE THEY ALREADY GOT THE FULL PAYMENT. I tried to text them, go to their office, and text them again but they didn't seem to care. The last time I texted, they DIDN'T EVEN REPLY.

    Would I recommend their treatment?

    NEVER. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. But if you want your underarms to resemble a Dalmatian, be my guest. And also, their IPL TREATMENT IS NOT EFFECTIVE. The underarm hair is still the same 100% (addition of dark brown spots which are burnt marks).

    P.S. I went to the dermatologist and asked about the burnt marks and they told me I would be needing to undergo some treatments. All in all, I would be spending 10,000 to 18,000 just to have my armpits the way they used to be.

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  3. Same story happened to me when I went to brow studio for underarm waxing around 6pm. During the night there was tingling sensation on my underarm which I was thinking as an ordinary irritation. The following day my underarms are reddish still at mahapdi. I thought okay lang until it lasted for week wherein my underarms is in eggplant color. I contacted them but they will ask you what you did and simply tell you that dapat di ganyan dapat di gagamit ng deo or anything within or sinunod nyo ba na di babasain within 24 hours, hahanapan ka talaga nila ng butas para lumusot sila sa kapalpakan nila.


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