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Princess Hazel Salon and Spa

July 16, 2014

Hey lovely ladies! Welcome back! I have another spa/salon review for you! 

I stumble across this spa/salon on facebook and I have been seeing it a lot on instagram. The curiosity bell in my giddy brain lit up and I immediately contacted Ms. Hazel Uy ( the owner ) if we can try out some of their services and film during the process. She was such a sweet heart and she immediately said yes.

                        This hidden castle certainly exudes royalty. You come in looking' drab      
                                     and you'll definitely come out looking regal and fab! 

Royal crowns are literally everywhere

My nasty nails before the mani sesh

The Senior Hair Stylist doing the most amazing Hair Spa ..Did you see my double chin?
I have done hair spa sessions with other salons but nothing beats the quality of products they used during my treatment here.
I was trying to look like the evil queen Maleficent

During the eyelash extension procedure...
It was also my first time trying out the eyelash extensions. The lash technician's hand was so light and every lash attachment was so gentle. With those two perfect ingredients led me to fall into comma..haha 

It was so relaxing that I literally fell asleep and look! my nose is so oily..haha

Ms. Hazel and Teta 

3 comments on "Princess Hazel Salon and Spa"
  1. Hi Kris! Adly here from YouTube! The spa/salon looks so cute. I love the interior and that crown. Your eyelashes look so long. :O Amazing! Followed you as well. <3

    1. Hello adly... thank you so much for your support..hihihi... try out their spa ... it's really nice...and the staff are really sweet..♥♥♥


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