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Nu Skin AgeLoc Gentle Cleanse & Tone

October 21, 2014
It’s no wonder that the secret to great skin starts at the basics, CLEANSING.  Cleansing is the very first step you must do in order to ensure a healthy looking skin. Before you decide to slather on all sorts of anti-aging products,  make sure that you are cleaning your face thoroughly.

So here I share a breakthrough product that will forever change your face cleansing routine.
NuSkin AgeLoc Gentle Cleanse & Tone is a 2-in-1 product that will reveal fresh and pure skin. It gently cleanses, purifies, and hydrates skin, preparing it to receive advanced anti-aging ingredients. The dual-action  formula works gently at skin’s own natural healthy pH, combining cleansing and toning into a single step while leaving skin looking refreshed and youthful.

Directions: Moisten face with warm water. Place 3 pumps on finger tips and gently massage face, avoiding contact with eyes. Rinse with water and pat dry.

What I love about the product is that it pumps out froth that you can directly massage on your face making skin cleansing experience so invigorating and refreshing.
Due to its price, I use it sparingly. I use this twice a week during maintenance day both on my morning and night routine. (Would you like to see a maintenance day video? Let me know down the comment secion)

•  ageLOC targets the sources of aging to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of aging.
•  Cleanses and purifies skin, preparing the skin to receive anti-aging ingredients.
•  Replenishes and maintains skin’s moisture, increasing healthy hydration.
•  Works at the skin’s own natural healthy pH, helping to preserve skin’s natural moisture.
•  Formulated with mild cleansing ingredients gentle enough for all skin types.


It’s available through NuSkin Beauty Consultants/distributors.  Should anyone want to purchase these products and do not know any distributors, they can get in touch with Nu Skin Philippines via contacting 8687546 or 09272130460.

Price: 2960Php
It’s a  splurge! No doubt about that?! But the products deliver the results it promised
Packaging: It comes in a pearl finish plastic bottle.

I don’t know if I’s just me or the product smells like lemon zest. It has that soft tone of Lemon scent in it.

Final Thoughts:

Yes! I will repurchase the product. It might be a little too much for the price, but it's worth every pump. My skin has never been cleansed this way before.

So have you tried the product? Let me know about your experience below...^_^
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