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Minute Monday: V&M Naturals

October 5, 2014

Today on Minute Monday, I will put the spot light to the star of my week.... ORGANIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!! So here's a quick haul! yehey!

I am a big fan of all natural products. 'Coz why not? We live in a 21st era where almost every thing is synthetic and artificial. I could say that finding beauty products made from natural ingredients is like finding the golden pot of joy at the end of every rainbow. 

So here are some beauty products I love because of the brand's advocacy of going au naturel all the way.

All V&M products are made from scratch using only the finest oils and herb to create an all- natural experience. No pre-made bases, sulfates, surfactants, alcohol, sugar solutions and parabens are used. V&M Naturals follows only 100% pure and premium oil recipes.

Inspired by age-old beauty rituals, we bridge the world through wondrous products that deliver, while empowering it with the beneficial effects it brings to the people and environment.

V&M Naturals simply means goodness for your skin.

Taking a sniff from this bar of soap reminds me of that alluring smell at Lush. Just take a look at the ingredients in it.  Waaahhh! All that essential oils on your skin? And sure enough it can be used a substitute for a shaving cream. A 2-in-1 product eh?!

This body butter is my favorite among all the products I have tried. I like to rub this right after every shower while the skin is still damp. I can't seem to figure it out but the way my skin absorbs this is just amazing. It doesn't feel greasy nor is it sticky. Maybe I should blame it all on that Emu Oil, huh? 

If you have been to my Youtube channel, you have probably seen those nasty Halloween tutorials. Oh come on check them out! Hurry! There! Now that you are back... I'm so inlove with this lip and cheek tint because its so light and natural looking on the skin and lips.

My skin care routine, may it be morning or night, should religiously include this lip balm. The peppermint scent captivates your senses and it sorta reminiscent of spa aroma therapy sets.

The last product is this mineral blush that applies so heavenly on my chubby cheeks!

V&M Naturals are available on all leading department stores. Please feel free to test out these products and let me know about your experience below.
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