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Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Review + GIVEAWAY

August 12, 2014

Hey lovely ladies! These came in the mail a few weeks ago. I'm just so happy to work with Organix Philippines to give a full honest review on their hair products.

I have been doing a lot of torture to my hair. I bleached it, ombred it, dyed it, and rebonded it and I constantly using hot tools to style it. The results are really damaging my hair .. BIG TIME! So I'm in a long pursuit of finding the right hair care products for my damaged hair.. and then I discovered this product. I was a little hesitant at first because it's way too expensive for my standard of hair care products. But then I thought, shampoo and conditioner are the basics of hair care.

Although it doesn't give me soft lustrous fluffy, it made my hair so easy to style coz it holds the curl and I use less styling products because of it. It adds texture to my hair giving it a beachy hair texture. 

The smell reminds me of a plane trip to Hawaii. The coconut scent mixed with a hint of vanilla leaves my hair smelling yummy. 

Have you tried the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy System? Please let me know down below.

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9 comments on "Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Review + GIVEAWAY"
  1. Hello Ms. Kris! BIG TIME! Wanna win the two giveaways! This really is a wow!!! So wanna save my damaged hair.. ugh I actually need it. So bad. My hair is dying... i believe that your giveaways will save my hair. Gimme a rescue!

  2. I just colored my hair twice this year and it really damaged my hair. :( I know those products can repair my hair and bring back the life to it.

  3. want to win because my hair is so frizzzzyy

  4. I want to win because I want to treatmy damaged hair :(

  5. Too bad I don't have instagram....

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I need to win cause I have super damaged hair because of bleaching it multiple times and the back hair in my batok nasunog I tried everything I even went on and cut my hair T_T wala pa rin grabe talaga ang uneven pa din ng buhok ko haha .. I need to repair my hair huhu kaso I can't afford

  8. I want to win this because I think, I still haven't found the right shampoo for my hair. I had my hair rebonded twice before. Naging dry na at sobrang buhaghag. I want to try this brand and see if it works for me. :)

  9. I need to win this because I want to have a very gorgeous hair. :)


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