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Get Polished! Experience

August 3, 2014

I love how cozy the place is...

Hello Loves! Today I take you with me in One Archer's Place Manila to try out Gel Nails! I know! It's been the "in" thing for so long and it's just now that I am trying it out. I guess I have been living under a rock.
And which nail salon is the best to have it done? where else but Get Polished!

See how fancy this is.... The LED lights are hardening the gel polished applied.

I chose to have an accent nail, which is my ring finger. I want to have at least one of my fingers to sparkle.

And you will never get bored because the nail staff are so nice and there are gazillions of magazines all over the spa.

My hobbit-like foot is being pampered by their oh so relaxing foot spa.

Tadah! there it is! Now it looks more human like.

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2 comments on "Get Polished! Experience"
  1. Would you recommend that nail salon? How much did you spend for the gel polish?

  2. Great service!! My fave spa :)


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