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Naturactor Review

August 21, 2014

Hello girlfriends! Thanks again for stopping by! If you are addicted to instagram shopping just like me, you wouldn't miss out Lovely Victoria's Makeup Shop.

I bet you are wondering, how in the world can you shop online for the right shade of makeup? Well it takes a few links and pictures from my social media for them to choose the right shade for my skin tone. That right there my friends is Customer Service! They will actually choose for you so you get the perfect shade that will smoothly blend to your skin. (More than the product itself, I am very big on customer service)

These are the 2 shades they recommended

They also suggested me to get the pressed powder packed with Natural Herbal Essences

Price Wise: They sell this for 450 Php Each

I know! you probably think it's pricey, but for its performance it's all worth it!

Customer Service: Excellent! The people behind the store are very quick to answer customer inquiry!

Product Performance: It is absolutely creamy and blendable. It doesn't sink in to my fine lines and wrinkles especially underneath my eyes.  The product is totaly scent free making it very suitable for sensitive skin. The green concealer works best to hide all the red patches on my face (around the nose, my acne marks, etc)

It is long wear and it doesn't give you a cakey feel even if it gets effin' humid and hot all through out the day.

Bottom Line: Now friends! I will definitely repurchase this product! It's quite rare to see concealers that will work best for this kind of weather but this one does.

Have you tried Naturactor Concealers before? Please let me know down the comment section bellow! ^_^
5 comments on "Naturactor Review"
  1. I am wondering what is the used of that green-colored thing?

    1. and does it give a color green effect when you apply it on skin?

  2. I want to win to the MaryKay Giveaway !!! :)
    IG- @pcyyeobo
    I really like those MaryKay makeup's ! :)

  3. It's perfect for concealing the red spots. I use it before foundation.. and it works really awesome to even out the skin tone.... i will do a quick tutorial using these...

    1. A video demo? Oh! I want to see it with another Korean make-up style :)


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