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Straight Hair Essentials: Monea Products! + GIVEAWAY

August 8, 2014

If you have been following me for awhile now, you know how much I love this product! It gives you naturally straight hair without looking dull and stiff. It tames out the frizz and makes your hair 10x more brilliant and shiny.

THIS IS FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. But if you think you can do this at home, you'll try it at your own risk.

 Please see video below on how I use the rebonding system:

Since I get a lot of questions about this video, see another video below for all the FAQ's

Frequently asked Question about Rebonding at Home:

This product is amazingly beautiful for your hair! It brings back lost moisture and it repairs damaged hair. It is perfect for chemically treated hair as well. If you constantly use hot tools, this product will also make a huge difference.

The smell is fantastic. It is slightly floral with a hint of baby powder.

It leaves your hair bouncy and shiny.







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GIVEAWAY ENDS ON: Sept. 9 2014

13 comments on "Straight Hair Essentials: Monea Products! + GIVEAWAY"
  1. I want win that coz my hair is damage plus uber frizzy! ���� hope il win ����

  2. I want to win the power dose hair repair because I want to treat my damage hair >.< it really looks like the bird live here (looks like a nest)

  3. I die my own hair like almost every week and i have a really curly hair. Now it's really frizzy and i look like an aswang when i go out with my hair down at night. lol it's embarrassing i know. Hahahaha so i really wanna have this product, esp cuz school year (in UP) is about to start.

  4. want to win the Power Dose Hair Repair because my hair is so frizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

  5. WANNA WIN MISS KRIS LUMAGUI'S GIVEAWAYS!!! My hair has been rebonded a year or two. And it started to become dry and frizzy. Urgh! It's freakin' bad. It feels like I'm losing my self-esteem because of my hair. Huhu. So I hope I'll win!

    I don't have talent in make-up but I really look up to your make up videos. Can I suggest? Pls make a video of a quick make-up for school, work or church service. =)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I want these products because I want my hair healthy and be repaired after I was dying, toning and coloring it. My hair is also damage a bit and I want it to feel nice and smooth. I have tried many types of products for it, but I wanted to try something new. The product you were talking about sounds great, so I want to try those out too : ))

  8. I wanna win the monea powerdose hair treatment...!! I've been wanting to try it since i watched your video doing the hair rebond at home but I haven't really had a chance....i would love to try it....please please please pick me....

  9. I want to win the Power Dose Hair Repair because my hair is really damaged after I colored it twice this year. Help me revived the life of my hair. :D

  10. Wow gravity! You're so generous naman dear! Hehehe :D First time I heard that product. Sana ma try ko yan sa aking hereret! :D Uber damaged na sa kakakulay ng buhok, plantsa at blower. Ayun! Nga nga. :( </3

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  12. Straight your hair natural ways mean use organic products.
    products to make hair straight

  13. Hi.. i want to know where can i buy this in the us?


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